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There are so many, many times I have held my tongue. However, knowing me, when the push to say something is SO strong,…I let it out.

So, this what happened today.

We all have our moments of being fed up. And maybe I was actually glad that straw landed on the camel’s back and the happiness butterfly was yet aloft.

In public, in front of many other students and professor, I stood up in loud, voiced opinion of other fellow students and the lack of responsibility and respect they show to those around them and themselves.

It really embarrasses me for those who behave in such a manner.

Students who come to class very late, talking on the cells, texting during class and laughing at the texts and not paying attention. They cannot answer any questions asked of them. They disrupt class with talking or stupid comments that have nothing to do with anything remotely related to the material. They have rude dispositions and basically could care less to be there. Some even sleep the entire class. They hardly or never study and fail in their work continuously.

The other fact is knowing that the teachers are promised in their job to say very little and do everything they can to keep the student from dropping the class, save from just giving them the “A” or passing grade, without merit.

It is ridiculous! It is ludicrous!

I just could not take it any longer.

Class time was having to be wasted in each class on asking students where their books were and why were their cell phones not turned off and why were they on Myspace and Facebook instead of taking notes.

I raised my hand and said, ” Excuse me” to the professor.

I then proceeded to put a point of reason out on the table for all.

Why can the teachers not just inform the students of how much they truly want them to stay in the class for their own benefit and say that they are willing to do as much as they can ( and actually do that ) to see to it , that if the student needs help, they get it? Then,…..THEN, in the next breath say to the students who cause this issue, “As much as that is true, if you truly do not give a care about taking this class or want my help and cannot show the responsibility required to pass the course, or the respect of yourself and your teacher and fellow students, WHY ARE YOU HERE? Why are you here wasting my time, your time, everybody else’s time and your money?”

“If you could really care less about your education, your future or your money, what is the point of you taking up the space of someone else who maybe actually wanted to take this class  and couldn’t because the seat was filled by you?!”

Oh, how this needs to be said to the whole school.

And, what about the professors?

These are people who have dedicated their lives to teach, in hopes of doing a greater good and at least reaching the few who care. Yet, the attitudes of the professors start to change to adapt to the students continuously filling up the rooms with their “I don’t care attitudes”.  This then causes the students to respond to their teachers negatively and the whole thing just keeps perpetuating negative experiences.

Something must be done to confront the situation.


It has to change.

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