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The Politics of School

It used to be that a school focused on the quality of what they taught and not the quantity. Lessons used to remain with the students as part of life lessons and not just a task to quickly move through and be done with. The old saying, ” in one ear and out the other”,  comes to mind when thinking on the education of today’s students.
The students are taught to pass the state tests and move on to the next test, not necessarily to grasp and retain intellect or knowledge. As much as we see this today, it is not a new subject for concern in the educational field.
There is a book in which the author, Henry Adams ( grandson of John Quincy Adams-former U.S. President ), strongly criticized 19th century educational theory and practice. After his death in 1918 he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his work.
This work entitled, The Education of Henry Adams, explores the limits of formal education, and the belief of there being too much emphasis on memorizing and too little cultivation of true intellectual curiosity.
Through political policies, changes have currently been made to our nation’s school policies. Many argue this as cause that the new generation of leaders will be less qualified for the workforce or positions as leaders of communities. In essence, they would argue we are becoming a nation of idiots. Is this true? Is the lack of intellectualism and curiosity that is cultivated in the classrooms a problem in this country? Or, is it just a phase, as we can see this comment is mentioned before in Henry Adams’ book, at the turn of the last century?

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