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Critic’s Review

The advertisement said it was to start at 6pm. Yet, it was 6 pm and things were still moving to get under way. Many more places were having to be produced to seat the arriving guests. It seemed even mention of the fact it was a “sold out” show, couldn’t keep the fans from coming in droves.
Why you ask?
The writer and director of the play, Dan Rogers, has the natural talent of any playwright you might come across in the big leagues. Yet, he brings the mastery of his talent to the local community college of Cedar Valley to inspire all students who aspire to greatness.
For this the students and staff have grown to love him in all sincerity. His dedication to his work goes above and beyond at most times. He proves this with another outstanding program.
Does this answer your question as to the droving fans?
Now, back to the play.
The introduction of each character, held it’s own. With humorous bantering and one liners, to overdone dramatics. There was no way any actor could fail to be remembered. It was priceless. Smiles and laughter could be heard throughout.
In a turn of events, the main character, the actress, Judith Cavanaugh, was pushed off the balcony of her apartment to her death. Or, was it suicide?
As the story had progressed, the tricky, sneaky details of the “whodunnit?” had begun to unfold. Clues were around the corners of each line. And just as it was starting to get better,… Dunh! Dunh! Dunh!…Intermission.
Around and around we go and what do the dinner guests suppose?
Pam Evans hadn’t formed any decisions, however she did say that she liked the play very well. Her husband, Dr. Evans chimed in as well, saying, “it’s all very mysterious”, pointing to the relationship of the character in the play of director and his, now deceased, leading lady. The director had been very passionate (yelling and bashing the table with his fist) about his dislike of his actress’s coming marriage to the screen writer, feeling he had been lead on and used. Then, Dr. Evans said it could be the obsessed fan who would go to any lengths for the actress.
You were right Dr. Evans, very mysterious.
Jotting over to see what the rest of the guests were pondering, I overheard Professor Pharr and his dinner date speaking highly of the performance of Judith Cavanaugh. Indeed.
So, what did Professor Rolling have to say to that? He seemed to be enjoying the crazed fan the most, so far.
Intermission was soon over and the dinner guests had been pampered with a feast from Macaroni Grill. Delish! On with the show!
Here was more of a chance to get to know a few of the other characters and their motives. There was the alcoholic, playboy, star, Geoff George, with an ego 10 miles high. Jealousy, was that his motive? He was quoted during intermission as having said about his co-star’s death and his taking of the award, “Naner, naner, naner”.  Next, we had the fired film crew member whose mother was not going to stand for her baby getting fired. Let me tell you, Antionette Hawkins’ character was one bad mama! You did not want to get on her list! But then, wait! What about the supposed jealous actress and her girlfriend who had “reportedly” met in Med school. Had they slipped poisoned tea to the actress before she fell to her demise? Or maybe it was the “so-called” police officer who had been seen playing the role of a cop in another film.

Just when you think you have an answer, The victim’s ever so troubled and heartbroken fiance whips out a gun and refuses to let anyone leave. Screams ensue. The characters are driven to face their accuser in the very place his love was killed…the balcony of Ms. Cavanaugh’s apartment. The excuses fly. The alibis leap from every tongue and,…..THE LIGHTS GO OUT! One character finds the flashlight, a little too quickly. It was time for another five minute break and the final guess for all.

In the end it boiled down to the whole thing being a set up to oust the real killer. The motive? Desperation, jealousy and blackmail, pushed things one time too far. The perfect end to a great murder mystery dinner.

Definitely more shows like this should be on the menu.

Afterwords, when asked what he thought about his crew, the true director, Dan Rogers, had this to say, “Awesome! They are a great bunch of students!” Yes, they were and the writer and director of the play did not fall below those same words.

Thanks to you all for a great time!

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