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Politics and Scandals

JFK Sex Romp Expose by TMZ proven false.

TMZ  reported that President John F. Kennedy was involved in a sex party.

From the days of JFK…”If I don’t have a woman every three days or so I get a terrible headache.” –President John Kennedy

To the present, where sex is still used as a way to degrade our nation’s leaders:

Obama As The 40 Year Old Virgin

Sex and politics has been almost synonymous. We can not hear about any politicians without hearing about their sexual liasons or see them degraded in some sexually related material.

Frankly, I couldn’t give a damn about what they do or do not do. And, it is realized that sex…SELLS.


 Honestly, people, we all do it. Unless we are monks or priests, and nowdays, even that is up for questioning. We all have sexual cravings and lusts and appetites. Why must the world make such a big deal about something everyone does, whether openly or in secret? Think about it. When a scandal of such nature is televised, the one thing everyone wants to see is the live footage; wants to hear the juicy details of the affair. Why? What interest is it to us? Yet, we see even the most uptight, church-going fanatic “has to know”.

See what happens when you say the words “free money” and “sex”.

Do people all of a sudden stop what they were doing to pay attention?

Think on this, the things that grab our attention are usually the things most desired;  i.e., money, and pleasure usually top that list. And in this day and age, with all the hours you fought off boring meetings or ignored your friends by reading forgettable blurbs about forgettable things on your cell phone or laptop, who can argue?

We all have different vices to get us through these days, yet research has proven that in us all, sex is the number one drive.

Sorry, bible-belt. Hey, God designed us this way, or so I have been told.

Going back to politics and sex,…

History of leaders in Noah’s day (for all the christians gasping for breath and clutching their chests right now), it was just fine for a man to have a wife and a little dish on the side. They were religious/political men of good standing.

Why not now?

Is manogomy man made from simple evolutions of religion? Or is it merely due to evolution of the species, or as one writer has mentioned, “Monogamy is invented ( by the our fast paced, industrialized world) for order and investment, not necessarily because it’s natural, warn many researchers, which point that both social and sexual monogamy in humans is not a natural state.” – check out the whole article here: ( news.softpedia.com/…/Humans-Are-Not-Made-Monogamous-83227.shtml )

As we know, there are infinite number of sites on the internet available. One in particular, oriented with those who feel they would like to receive their news about political dealings in a less than discreet way.


“Huffington Post excerpt March 24, 2008:
Thrillist :

While it’d be great if your endless internet sessions left you better informed about news and events, that shouldn’t come at the expense of getting better informed about what women look like in panties. Get both, at Sexy Politics.

Based in Santa Monica, SP incentivizes social and political awareness via barely-safe-for-work striptease — because if cleavage can teach Adam Sandler basic grammar, think what it can do for people who know how to read. First, pick a quiz category (general, daily, candidate, or issue), then select a stripper from amongst six women, three strapping dudes, and a dessicated old geezer ID’d as “Matt Drudge”; each comes with unique outfit options: “Sara” will go Girl Scout, while “Bean” will dress like…Terrell Owens? As you tackle everything from sordid infidelities (JFK, Clinton, Larry Craig) to domestic policy (Obama hearts ethanol), your dancer will either joyfully remove clothing, or scold your ignorance, though encouragingly they’ll sometimes look as disappointed as you are that you failed to get them near-naked. ”

So, as much as sexual scandals run the headlines in the political world, what is the point of pointing fingers in judgement at our leaders, when we, the underlings, spout our religious, societal moralities which deep down, in our genetics, is only natural for all us to be disinclined to?

And they say separation of church and state……pffff!

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  1. May 16, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    Nice Post – JFK certainly was a liberated and charismatic soul!!

    Darwinism states (I think lol) that it’s survival of the fittest and the dominant alpha male gets to choose his mating partner or partners, to spread these strong and successful genes about, for the survival of his species. I think this must apply this to humans too!

    Charismatic and powerful men, generally speaking, are usually successful in their careers and social lives, this translates into these men having their fair share, or choice, of partners; as such men are usually desirable to women.
    Usually derision comes from those less charismatic and envious souls, the defeated and exiled beta males, if you will.

    Sex and Politics, no surprise as politicians exude all of these charismatic and powerful traits……magnets to the opposite sex. It quite simply natures process of selection in action!!

    Respect and Peace!

  1. May 14, 2010 at 1:21 am
  2. May 15, 2010 at 1:16 pm

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