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Just to show you that sex is not all the “taboo” some people might think it to be…. “Oh, my god! she’s talking about sex! Quick don’t look and cover your ears!”

I am going to say it. “SEX.”

Why yes, yes I did. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. Morning, noon and night. In a car, on a table, in the bed, on a desk, in a chair, on the floor, in the shower, at the top of make out point. Wherever you want it. Come on people! We all do it. Okay,…some more than others and some may have not quite made it there yet, but it is a natural thing and as it turns out, has plenty of health benefits. If you are afraid to be so open about it, here is some encouragement from a prestigious news channel that says what we all would like to hear…… and do.

So, next time you don’t want to catch a cold or opt to get a pricking flu shot, try something a little hotter and a helluva lot nicer!

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