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Interpreting a common dream


” It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else”

~ Erma Bombeck

How many of us have ever dreamed we were naked in public? Maybe you dreamed of falling or jumping and found you were startled awake? These dreams are common occurrences. They can be interpreted as your inner fear of inferiority to others you hold superior and/or letting go. But have you ever had a dream of missing an appointment? According to a book on dream interpretations, this is also a common dream. Here is what the book says could be behind dreams of missing appointments:

Many people live and die by the desk calendar these days. Ours is a time-conscious, time-driven culture. Most of us have more things to do on our schedules than we can comfortably manage. These pressures have created an environment where missing appointments and scheduled events is a constant threat.Dreams to this effect are common. One of the trigger events for these dreams is the nagging fear that we may not get it all done as we should. Our anxiety about appearing competent to others is fragile and often assaulted in dreams.

Another interpretation of this dream is missing an opportunity. Life invites participation in more than could ever be accomplished. Every invitation comes with the promise that this event could change your life. The changes may include relationship or career rewards.

A final scenario revolves around fulfilling the relationship obligations that already exist in your life. In this case, dreams of missed appointments may be reminding you of personal obligations that already exist. You may be missing appointments as a sign that you are not fulfilling the needs of someone important to your life in love or work.


Link to free dream interpretations:


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  1. August 16, 2010 at 2:19 am

    I’ve had the neked experience and the falling / tripping / flying. lol But not so much about appointments. I get lost a lot, does that count? LOL

    Have a great night, dream sweetly. 🙂

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