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Evolution of Politics in Fairy-tales

September 23, 2010 4 comments

Once upon a time,….Long, long, ago, in a faraway land, it was a time of political censorship, where women had few rights and fairy-tales were one way that they could make their opinions known. The fairies themselves in the tales often stood for the aristocrats, having power over many but often caring little, bickering amongst themselves, concerned with their own power struggles. The heroines would comment on the double-standards of the times, arranged marriages, and the false glory of war; the tales also illustrated the authors’ ideas on the standards of correct manners, justice and love.

The tales were also written in opposition to the literary establishment at the time, which championed Classical literature as the standard for French writers to follow. Fairy-tales were modelled on French folklore and the courtly love of medieval literature. When Perrault joined them in writing fairy-tales, he was taking a stand for the modern style and for women’s tales (although his tales did not exactly feature liberated females– should have been around in the 60’s. I wonder how the stories would play out now?). The “Quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns” was part of the society which the fairy tales rebelled against – for most women there was no choice over which side to take, as they weren’t considered worthy of eductating in Latin and Greek anyway. Instead of being forced out, they formed their own style.

Today, there are those who still feel the reformation of socially political statutes/harnesses regarding the female gender should have remained in place (yet secretly they still go to strip clubs and buy Maxim or Playboy).  They teach that women’s talk has been frightening and dangerous since even before the Church taught that Eve’s words (heh, heh, body language most likely) tempted Adam to eat that damn fruit ( which we all know to be a figurative form of speech and not actually partaking of real fruit was the sin- wait…. I can go off on a tangent with this, so, I will stop here) and led to the “fall”.  They preach how dear St. Paul even wrote that women should be silent, and warned others against their idle gossip. The talk of women was seductive and wicked (yeah, I am sure that is what every man is thinking…. how they love their woman to NOT be seductive or a little wicked… Pfffft!!!)

 But politics have changed. Women are able to have their own voice, thoughts and lead other packs of women in this rat race.

The sun came out on the Dark Ages ” long, long, ago”.

The only fairy-tales of today would include that Cinderella is a multimillionaire, married to none other than the owner of Mr. Clean company products and she works in interior design. Sleeping Beauty decided 16 was way too young to get hitched, never cared to learn homecrafts, like sewing/spinning, got the  alarm setting fixed on her iphone and teaches kick boxing at the Rec.  Snow White lives in a studio flat out in Beverly Hills and has changed her name to Katy Perry (she still thinks she is marrying a prince….must have nibbled a bit more on that apple).  

Today, women no longer believe in fairy-tales, even if we are still spoon fed the sweet, “happily ever after’s” as children (except for on our most down of days, when we are hanging on to the last threads of hope, there might still be a real fairy-tale out there waiting to be lived). For the most part, it’s always later on in our lives the real world monsters of politics get us, we run through a slew of broken hearts/dreams and grit our teeth to become the dragon slayers. It is just as much a woman’s world as it is a man’s. If there happens to be a real prince or princess warrior who rides up next to us, they are welcome to join in for the battle and follow up with dinner and a night cap.  We are forced to make our own ways.  We evolve in the limelight of our future to exceed beyond our past expectations of fantasy.

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The truth about me…

September 13, 2010 5 comments


I would rather have a mind opened by wonder and amazement than one closed by my taking on of another’s beliefs.
I am full of potential and burst at the seems on my best days.


The quicksands swallow me without expanding knowledge or love. 

I shine the most when what I give freely is returned freely.

Existence is a fractal art of spectrums and voids.

I want to exisit in a part of every color.

“Muse”-ic For Thought

September 9, 2010 1 comment

“Life is part positive and part negative. Suppose you went to hear a symphony orchestra and all they played were the little happy high notes. Would you leave soon? Let me hear the rumble of the bass, the crash of the cymbals and the minor keys.” — Jim Rohn

Today and yesterday my soul is loud with music, mused to a jetted height from the dark and deep. If not for the darkness and the depth, I suppose I would never have felt the elation of the elevation.

All my thanks to the gods above for the resurrection!

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Media’s Role…

September 6, 2010 3 comments

Media’s role in our negative views of life are predominant. News channels and magazines and Sunday Morning newspapers, radio, they all play a major part in projecting the negative image of humanity.
Just take a look at the images that made picture of the week from TIME journalistic photographers:

Bomb attack in Pakistan

Fire ravaged Phillipines

Homeless in flood waters of Pakistan

News of trapped miners in San Jose, Chile

Do you see the correlation to our own viewpoints of the world around us? DO you feel the media generates more negative news to the viewing public than it does positive news?

What change do you think it might have on the world’s society if more positive news were projected out to the masses?

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Politics Schmolitics!

It makes perfect sense the word politics would stem from two seperate words, “poli-“, meaning many and “tics”, meaning blood sucking creatures. And that is all I have to say on the subject today, besides, Uuuugghhhhh 😛 ! The rest would get me bumped for inappropriate usage of words.

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