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Man in the Mirror

“Men are alike in their promises. It is only in their deeds that they are different.” — Jean Baptiste Moliere

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus delves into questioning the motives of the soul.

We do this every night in our dreams, question reality, who we really are, what we can really do, what we really think and feel.

Upon waking we do this every time we stand in front of the mirror and dress ourselves for the day… knot the tie, don the make-up, spritz the perfume and cologne.

We question it in every daily choice we make, from the smallest to the the ones of greatest importance,even in deciding which are to win the favor of being a choice of greatest importance. Whether conscious or not, each of our decisions is a moving hand of being in the motive of soul.

Who are we really?

Are we our job?

Our titles given us? Mr. so-and-so, Professor, Doctor, Judge…..husband, wife, father, mother, friend….

All are questionable.

Are we our futures laid out for us in nice neat print and signed on the dotted line?

Are we our obligations and responsibilites?

Actually the answer is NO.

Strip away each of these in the same manner of the STORY of God and Satan, in their chess game of who wins the soul of Job. What do you have left?

You are a pawn,…just a shell.

A shell in which encompasses a force of life.

A life force which encompasses the ability to attain.

What most call a soul.

Stripped of everything, what is the motive of the soul?

And think on this,…

removing the factors of religion,

remove the fear instilled by doctrine,

(i.e. going to heaven vs. going to hell)

which then erases the guidelines of “morality”,

and what motives have the soul?

To love?

To hate?

To give?

To take?

Who is the man in the mirror?

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  1. December 27, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Hello, it’s me! 🙂 I love your posts, they are always very thought provoking and interesting. Sometimes it takes me a few days of reading them over until I know what I wish to reply. 🙂
    Some great questions! Who are we, indeed. When I was first married I was wife… and then I had small children I was mom. Somewhere in there Tracy got lost.. I had to reclaim her. lol 🙂 I like to say that I am not just a sum of all my experiences. I am also potential. Whatever that may bring… I hope it doesn’t have a label!!! I am many things, as are you. We are our past, future, all we know.. all we love and don’t. And we have parts of us yet unwritten.
    Have a most wonderful day hun! xoxoxo

  2. January 9, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    Thank you, dear heart! You are kind! and I don’t think we will ever truly fathom what it is we truly are. I think because of this, we resign ourselves to function only on the levels of “status quo”….afraid to come out of our dumbed down states and question everything and continue searching for other answers to things. I do not think being a skeptic is a “sin”. I think not being one is the true “sin”.
    Thank you for stopping by!
    Love to you!

    • January 9, 2011 at 7:27 pm

      Hello darling girl! Me again! 🙂

      I agree..most folks would rather do anything to keep the peace. Questioning may bring answers…and answers, truth, aren’t always what we think we want to hear. lol

      I prefer to question and fight… I like to know… I don’t like to not know. 🙂 There are things I’ll never know, but I won’t stop asking – so that’s ok with me. lol

      Much love to you! Shine on Sweetheart… shine on. 🙂

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