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January 26, 2011 2 comments

“Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?” — Fanny Brice

I have always felt that I catch flack for being who I am, for knowing, mostly, who I am, what I am and am not, knowing what I want and for finally learning to voice my own ideas, thoughts, opinions and feelings.

I can only be me.

If this isn’t good enough for others, then so be it.

I think of how you take a picture and try to capture in one moment all of the beauty that makes the object of the picture what it is.  The flower in the picture below doesn’t have to try to be beautiful, to mean anything, to adjust to other’s imposed views of what it should be.  It just is and we accept it as it is and see it for all it’s flaws and unique beauty….. and still it captures us.


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Tantric Art

January 15, 2011 7 comments

Tantric Art of The Sexual Heart

This particular post will touch on the artistic inspiration of tantric sex. I feel that these pictures relate the vividness and intimacy of achieveing the tantric state.  What is the tantric state? How is it achieved?

The tantric state is abandoning one’s self to the ecstatic experience, the abnegation, the “death” of the ego, the dissolution of time and space, the unifying state of spritual bliss….when two truly become one in mind and body.
It is achieved through breathing, touching, massaging and meditation in the building up of the resulting state. It involves a long process which, in the end, produces several points during the time the lovers are together in which both reach climactic areas, both mentally as well as physically at different times to slowly come down and build up the heat again, eventually coming together in what seems a “spiritualistic suspension”.
Tantric Art:
Tantra-Lover’s Rainbow

Tantric vulva emanating

The Journey

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Science vs. Jesus Freak updates


Mass animal deaths

For those with trouble reading the map, click this link to expand:

For those of you who did not have the chance to read my earlier blog this week on “Science vs.  the Jesus Freak” and debate the information given regarding the mystery of the recent mass bird/fish deaths, you might want to stop here and go back to check that out before continuing.

For those of you who did pop in and take a gander at information earlier, this new jut into your thinking may change your mind….OR add more “pudding” to your proof in verbal debate on the subject.

Thanks to a friend, there is new information for me to pick from in posting updates on the mass bird death mystery.

Take a look at the numbers on this map here.

And check for yourself the information on HAARP,…..or known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  I’ll mention here that it is beginning to look as if the mystery sways more towards it being a secret government experiment….jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Yes, people, our National Defense…. more stealth moves from UFO’s in our future? Who can say? Yet it seems that Jesus Freaks can take a break from the heaving paper bag in front of their faces. Breathe people. Breathe.

Tell the Pope to go back to bed. Dinner with God has been cancelled. False alarm? Are we sure?  How do we know the seals that were said to have possibly been broken weren’t just  “cheap knock off’s”  sold in the gallery of the local art hisrory museum……IN WASHINGTON…..???

The plot “sickens”…..

(Quoted from the actual HAARP site):

“A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.”


Any takers?

HAARP's opening web page

Science vs. the Jesus Freak

It has been recently posted in several news blogs, videos uploaded and newspapers have squawked about it,…
the mystery of the dead birds and fish.
Myself, I have read about four different articles on the subject just today.
So, what is the mystery all about?
Well, it seems that for no CLEAR apparent reason, birds are dropping out of the skies, simultaneously, from here all the way to Sweden and all within days of each other, all within the same week of the changing new year. Not just hundreds have fallen, but thousands.
Running along a similar time frame, there are reports that close to the same numbers of fishes are going belly up in rivers here in the U.S. and on the beaches of Auckland, New Zealand.

Of course wildlife preservationists and naturalists, along with scientists have been looking into the causes of these unnatural events. Many different scientific speculations have been made as well. Yet, nothing conclusive has been found and further testing of the carcasses is needing to be done to rule out parasitic influences and/or governmental and corporate tampering via testing/dumping.

As the geological pathologists take a closer look, others have begun making their own speculations as to what is the cause of this strange happening. Most of the speculation being done by members of the Christian religion.

Since the broadcast of the incidents, search engines have been blown up, hundreds of thousands of people curious to find how this relates to the signs of the end of times in relation to the bible’s book of Revelation, the seven seals, and the Mayan calendar. Some find correlation between the facts and others feel there is not enough evidence to prove that this can even be called a sign, saying the Jesus freaks are putting it out of proportion as they did with the Nostradamus’ theory that Y2K was the end of the world (they tried to mix theories of this French apothecary/reputed seer, with that of metaphoric signs to watch for declaring the end times).

So,…what is the information they are going on?

The Christians look at the breaking of the sixth and seventh seals.

The sixth seal deals with cosmic disturbances such as the sun turning black and the moon turning blood-red, the waters turning up dead fish.

July 11, 2010 was the last total solar eclipse another due in November of 2011.

There was a total eclipse of the moon just last week (yes, I was up watching) that caused the moon to seem to turn a blood-red. It was the first time that particular lunar eclipse had happened in over 300 some-odd years, but few argue the moon’s turning red to be the dark, red, winter harvest moon that can sometimes be seen low in the sky.

Their reasoning for listing the seventh seal? Silence in the heavens. Some look at most of what is mentioned in the bible as metaphor. This has led some to believe that there may be correlation in the first wave of global bird deaths….no winged creature flying about and the heavens becoming still and silent.

Well,..after touching the tip of the religious iceberg, where does science stand on all this?

There are other factors involved such as the weather in these locations, but the weather was not so much an issue in any of the mass deaths, mostly normal conditions for this season.

In some places, it was thought celebratory fireworks to be the cause, yet all the deaths could not be ruled conclusive by this.

In yet another area, it was speculated they had all flown into power-lines, breaking their heads and necks and falling to the ground, yet just as many were found without bodily damage.

Then, news of mass bird and fish deaths broke out halfway around the world in Sweden and New Zealand, just days after the occurrences here in the United States.

The U.S. Geological Services and the Feds are currently investigating this mystery to once and for all settle the matter.

Some testing on the dead animals may take longer than a couple of days.

In the meantime,….

while so many are reading up on the issue out of curiosity or religious fear, here are three articles I have looked at myself.

If anything, it is a somewhat interesting read if you find yourself bored with the dailies of work. Is it all just another crock of superstitious B.S., stupid human mishaps or is there something new and deadly scientifically affecting the natural selection of our environment?

Dueling Dumas’s

Dumas pere

On this day, 23-year-old Alexandre Dumas fights his first duel. He sustains no serious injury, although his pants fall down in the fight. He’ll later fill his romantic works, including The Three Musketeers, with duels, battles, and daring escapades.
Dumas was the son of one of Napoleon’s generals, Thomas Alexandre Dumas, and a Haitian slave woman, Marie Cessette Dumas. Because he was born of mixed heritage and yet still to prominence, Dumas weas sent to receive rich education, but his family struggled financially after his father’s death in 1806. Dumas went to Paris to find work and was hired by the household of the Duke D’Orleans, who became King Louis-Philippe. Dumas began writing plays, which became huge hits with the public, then turned to historical novels. He published The Three Musketeers in 1844, followed by The Count of Monte Cristo in 1845.
Dumas led a tempestuous life filled with ruinous love affairs. Women loved him for his uniqueness of looks (he was Negro/French) and his attention to detail in ALL areas. He fathered many illegitimate children. His illegitimate son, Dumas fils ( French for son), also became a writer-the two were later known as the “Deuling Dumas’s “.
The son reacted against his father’s lifestyle by writing highly regarded contemporary dramas supporting marriage and family, with titles like “The Natural Son” (1848) and “The Prodigal Father” (1859) .  Dumas fils was almost 10 years old before his father recognized him, but when that happened Dumas pere stepped in with a vengenace and sent his son to the best boarding schools of the day to receive the best education possible.  French law allowed Dumas the elder to remove the child from his mother and in turn, her agony inspired Dumas fils to write prolifically about tragic female characters.  One of his most popular plays was The Illegitimate Son, in which he espoused the belief that if a man fathers an illegitimate child, he has an obligation to legitimize the child in any way possible, either by marriage or by law.  During the 1840’s, Dumas fils wrote the romantic novel The Lady of the Camellias, which in English would be translated as Camille.  Like some of his father’s works, Camille is considered a classic in literature, and serves as the basis for the Verdi opera, La Traviata.
Dumas pere died in 1870, his last known major work, nearly completed, The Last Cavalier(Le Chevalier de Sainte-Hermine, 1869), was lost until its rediscovery by Claude Schopp in 1988 and subsequent release in 2005.
Five years after his death, Dumas fils was admitted to the elite Academie Francaise. He wrote one more play, Denise, ten years before his death in 1895.
Dumas fils
Such is Passion, and the brighter its blaze the blacker the ruins it leaves after it–the deeper the misery–the wider the loneliness. It devours itself, with no revival like the Phoenix; but Love occupies the whole of life, however extended, and still has the strength and volume to transport its worshipers to the realm of the happy.–Ch.22, The Son of Clemenceau  ~ Dumas fils

        happy new year – 明けましておめでとうございます (Akemashite omedetōgozaimasu)


        (Hong Kong celebrating 2011)

        Today, besides being the start of the New Year in the
        US, is Japanese New Year? Also known as Gantan-sai, Shogatsu,
        or Oshogatsu, this Shinto holiday celebrates the New Year with
        prayers for renewal, good health, and prosperity. Happy New
        Year, everyone! And don’t just watch the fireworks, get out there and live the fireworks!

        You exist in someone’s heart.

        You exist in someone’s life.

        You are someone’s friend.

        You are someone’s lover.

        Give all.

        Love too much.

        Laugh out loud.

        Remember we cry so we can appreciate the happy times.

        Be that shoulder.


        from the inside out.


        ~Open yourself to love, to share, and your heart and soul will grow with all the world you encounter, and the love you freely share will be returned to you 10 fold….(proverb)

        ~To find peace within whilst amongst the chaos is to harness life, not life you….(proverb)

        “Itsumo egao de itsumo sunao ni”
        Always smiling, always honest and gentle.
        Love to you!