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Science vs. The Jesus Freak (The Story Continues…)

My very dear friend came across this video. I had begun a research of material concerning the end of days and the scientific reason for the mass bird and fish deaths world wide. I had begun looking into HAARP, but the MSM had not mentioned anything in relation to governmental magnetic antennae farms performing experiments in these locations where the deaths had occured. I am placing this video on my front page, which also appears in my responses to the last blog on this same subject. I am also going to say that since the video had been made their have been reports provided from the government itself on poisoning of the grackels to control the over-population. It would seem that if this were so,…the communities in which this was going to take place would have been alerted to avoid any further problems, such as possible poison to humans that come in contact with the dead birds. I don’t know,…just my opinion.
Please feel free to comment on any of this or send any information.

  1. February 23, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    I’m a bit late in reading this and thanks for the info Tamara. When you look at the overlay of the deaths and HAARPS you can see why people are leaping on this as a possible cause. That added to the feeble excuses offered up by the world of science it’s only natural for people like us to make these assumptions.

    As a full blown conspiracy theory believer now (lol) I can’t help but find myself leaning towards this as a possible cause.

    Was there a trial carried out on this day where they cranked these puppies up to 11?

    I’m sure GOD would know if he existed!!

    So my conspiracy theory goes something like this (feel free to add to this by the way).

    Project Flux Disruptor:

    The dark scientific forces of the elite, you know the type, ex Nazi SS etc. etc. understood the effects of magnetism and harmonics on all things natural and living and set about devising a weapon that could manipulate Mother Nature herself. With their vast array of HAARP units in place they are now in the tuning or calibration phase of the experiment. Once calibrated the weapon can be accurately used to effect the weather, living creatures and even plate tectonics.
    The Illuminati believe that the planet is over populated and despite the immense efforts given to introducing new viruses with the aim of culling the population, the results have been sporadic and disappointing. Despite being profitable the promised pandemic has failed to materialise and profit was never the reason behind its conception. This has led to the elite growing impatient to the point where they now feel that time is running out! Hence the renewed emphasis on the Flux Disruptor.
    Now they know how to target birds and fish it will not belong before they experiment on larger mammals, expect cattle deaths soon! The calibration experiments of these units allow them the pick their target location and target type, this level of control is essential when using a Weapon of Mass Disruption (WMD)(feel free to laugh, cry or both at this point).

    Control is the key to Power! I fear that it won’t be long before we learn of mass unexplained human deaths and then the world will understand the true power of terror.

    As a precursor to the disruptor’s first human event, the Illuminati have, for many years, been preparing humanity for it’s own demise. The 2012 scenarios, Mayan calenders, Nostradamus predictions, folk lore, biblical cataclysms have all been leveraged and manipulated to brainwash us into believing that when it happens it’s all of natures doing. Fear, terror and a foreboding sense of inevitability make the human response to these events predictable and ultimately controllable.

    In short we’re doomed and they know it!!!

    Respect and Peace!

  2. March 6, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    WOW! What a story! it is hard to believe or disbelieve given the nature of whom we speak,…the Illuminati and the world governments in general…as corrupt for power as they are, as neglectful towards humanity as they are….cant help but think of the cartoon of the two mice….
    “what are we doing tonight, Brain?”
    “Pinky, we’re going to try to take over the world!” LOL
    same thing the world does… try over and over to take control…. thing is no HUMAN can ever have control over things beyond their understanding….. show me where you can create a universe and all the intracacies of life in all forms and i’ll belive then you could take control!

  3. March 6, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    just great by the way!

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