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Seekers Sought

We are all seeking satisfaction, searching for answers to what it is we need to achieve happiness.
In the end we go through a myriad of trials with dizzying spin to find that all we have known and experienced is either no good to begin with or too good to be true and though some might offer fever pitched heights of exultation, we find it is merely temporal. There is always the moment we reach where it discontinues to afford us the luxury of intoxication.
But have you ever wondered, if when something more than “human seeking” is needed, that it is actually you, the seeker, who is being sought?
True seekers eminate the search for a purpose and it shows in their energy and integrity, their idealism and their desire to close in on an answer. We are as C.S. Lewis fashioned a meaning to, as a mouse searching for the hungry cat. We are in fact in search of ourselves being able to face the challeges necessary…the looming and hungry challenges and end result of who we have been called to be. And it is because we as seekers have been spurred by something to cause our quest for meaning, we give off a presence about us which falls in terms of our being “called” to a certain purpose. Like a hunted animal gives off a scent, we have become marked in all our movements to the calling of our being….to the purpose which pursues us.

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  1. March 31, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Perfect words for me today…how did you know??? Instead of “seeking” too much, I’ve found that letting in come, letting ideas just fall into my center of being works better. Of course, you have to believe that this will happen…that takes some practice.

    Best to you.

  2. April 4, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    you are welcome…this idea passed through me by way of a book titled,…The Call…maybe an idea or two might fall in your lap upon reading this particular…even if you find that some of it does not mirror your own beliefs right now,…..i do find alot of the philosophies within very good. ….best to you as well!


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