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Stepping Stones

When we sit on our laurels dreaming of the day we will do something, be something, go somewhere, find truth, love and beauty… we are dreaming of change. We are unsettled in our present condition and look to step into a different future, whether that future be in the next second, minute, or year, we are looking to place a new paved path before our feet, of our own making. But,… are we really wanting to make our way or wanting the road to already be layed before us?
It is good to dream and good to move forward in that dream, but to make that dream a reality, you have to show you are willing to make the decision and pave the way with each new stone.
Love and many blessings to all of us who choose to work in accordance with what we dream and desire for our lives,

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a
new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”

— Tony Robbins

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