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Tag, You Are It!

“I will never put my name on a product that does not have the
best that is in me.”

— John Deere

Think on this,….

It goes beyond the labels we give ourselves. All we do and say and are, every action we put out into the world has an equal and opposite reaction.
We tag everything, label ALL and live by those tags and labels.
And to the point that these labels become the gods by which we pattern ourselves to be like and worship. Today it is even jokingly placed in comic strips that the son of God rose to heaven on a “tag cloud”. Religion being the largest and oldest labeling industry.
But if we must live life with labels and tags attached to all we are, wouldn’t it be greater in the end to not be remembered by our tags, but by our actions, to be more than just the labels we are given and give ourselves.
Do not just promote peace, love, happiness, growth, respect, community, unity¬†and greatness,….be IT!

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