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Little do we know…

“A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.”~ Groucho Marx

Have you ever tried so hard to understand something and someone much more inexperienced, in your eyes, comes along and whacks you in the face with the clear picture?
There are areas in life when we try so hard to obtain the meaning of things and then after the fact find that the answers were so very simple.
Then there are those who are of a mind to think they know it all, only to be proven otherwise.
When we realize that the more we learn the less we know, we have reached a pivotal point.
The vast expanse of life lessons and information in just book knowledge alone, we could never accumulate as learned space within our very own brains, within our own lifetime.
Take a trip to the nearest Barnes and Noble and really look around at the many different kinds of books there are and audio and video. Think how much information is supplied in just that one store and a how much more is out there.
Should you ever pass up a chance to do something new, to learn something different? Why?

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