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All the children of the world….

August 12, 2011 1 comment

A song I used to sing in Sunday school at church, reminds me of my own love for children and why I wanted to grow up to be a teacher.
The line that sticks the most, ” red and yellow, black or white, they are precious in His sight.”
We tend to be a world of selfish peoples, thinking only of ourselves and our own immediate needs and never truly wanting to go out of our way to change the world by each of us sharing love. I mean the kind of love that sees beyond what we have and what we do and what we look like. The kind of love that has the power to change the world.
I recently read an article where a journalist photographed children’s rooms around the world. She photographed the rich as well as the poor. The three things that caught my eye the most were the lack of smiles at all on the children’s faces and the lack of any spark of happiness in their eyes. The look was cold and hopeless, whether rich or poor. The third thing was the responses from the readers and how they judged success by how many meaningless, materialistics things one would have.
What stumbles me and saddens me is how, world-wide, we state that the children our the hope of the future and then we do nothing to offer them hope for that future. We offer them little love and happiness and simply require they learn how to do things regardless of giving love or helping to add happiness. We simply neglect our roles as mentors to show them love and honor and bring happiness to build their hopes and dreams. What kind of a world will we be creating for the future by neglecting our responsibility to share love and hope with the children of today?
To read the link and see the photographs of the children around the world and how they live, click the link below:

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