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Stepping Stones

When we sit on our laurels dreaming of the day we will do something, be something, go somewhere, find truth, love and beauty… we are dreaming of change. We are unsettled in our present condition and look to step into a different future, whether that future be in the next second, minute, or year, we are looking to place a new paved path before our feet, of our own making. But,… are we really wanting to make our way or wanting the road to already be layed before us?
It is good to dream and good to move forward in that dream, but to make that dream a reality, you have to show you are willing to make the decision and pave the way with each new stone.
Love and many blessings to all of us who choose to work in accordance with what we dream and desire for our lives,

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a
new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”

— Tony Robbins

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Nightmares (Off of Elm Street)

For all you Freddy Krueger fans, this is not a review on the new movie. You can Google that somewhere else, thanks! 🙂

Most of us are familiar with the term “nightmare”. It is something we learn about from early childhood, simply a bad dream due to the “Boogeyman” under our beds or the monsters in our closets.

They are sleeping visions that leave us with a sense of fear or despair and uneasy or unsettling thoughts, which can haunt us after waking.

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Though, there are some who are lucky enough to forget the “brain-played, horror film” soon after their feet hit the floor. Lucky.
Those of us that do remember may begin to wonder, “What the hell was that? Why did I have to dream about that?”
Well, why do we have bad dreams, nightmares?
There are the “wives-tales” which seem to think it is the food we eat before bed. It is said, you are not supposed to eat anything spicy or too sweet before bed. You are supposed to drink a warm glass of milk to calm you before sleeping….

Warm milk? Yuck. That is almost as bad as sour cream, which is milk’s bad dream.

I heard of one girl in my Philosophy class stating that the night she ate a PB-n-J before bed, she dreamed of killer apples chasing her.

Sounds like something out of Elvira Mistress of the Dark episodes.

Uh-hem! Anyway! Moving on…

 Does eating different kinds of foods create a release of certain chemicals in our brains, as our food digests? It is widely accepted that it may, due to the amount of B-vitamins and protein synthesis taking place.  You may have eaten too many of the vitamin which produces amino acids responsible for over active nuerotransmitters ( Acetylcholine) during sleep.

Is it merely do to stress or other outside influences during our day?



If we consider the realms of psychology and psychoanalysis, nightmares are of particular importance in the process of determining an individual’s insecurities, fears, anxieties, and general character traits. As in the cases of people having nightmares every night, the reason for this is found to be some immense external trauma that the individual has undergone at some point of time.
Whether it is due to stress, depression, sleep disorders, trauma or just an excess in watching the “Chiller” channel and late at night, drive-thru cheeseburgers/tacos, some may want to better understand the reasons behind that bad night of sleep.
Here are a few links if you are interested in knowing more: