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happy new year – 明けましておめでとうございます (Akemashite omedetōgozaimasu)


(Hong Kong celebrating 2011)

Today, besides being the start of the New Year in the
US, is Japanese New Year? Also known as Gantan-sai, Shogatsu,
or Oshogatsu, this Shinto holiday celebrates the New Year with
prayers for renewal, good health, and prosperity. Happy New
Year, everyone! And don’t just watch the fireworks, get out there and live the fireworks!

You exist in someone’s heart.

You exist in someone’s life.

You are someone’s friend.

You are someone’s lover.

Give all.

Love too much.

Laugh out loud.

Remember we cry so we can appreciate the happy times.

Be that shoulder.


from the inside out.


~Open yourself to love, to share, and your heart and soul will grow with all the world you encounter, and the love you freely share will be returned to you 10 fold….(proverb)

~To find peace within whilst amongst the chaos is to harness life, not life you….(proverb)

“Itsumo egao de itsumo sunao ni”
Always smiling, always honest and gentle.
Love to you!


just a quote of poetry…

August 24, 2010 1 comment

Namelessneed has written a poem on his blog:

Slighter A Wind Than

“Despite  &,

With all her antics,

Winds still  move her

Like it does a half-dozen

Tiny tea roses

Before they’re right,  & hand-picked.

The slightest wind breezes

Will prove to move her

To a profound,  but protected


Slighter a wind than

Unkind words might make

Wafting  at  her soft skin.”

My comment to him today:

So lovely,…I feel like that right now. Vulnerable…I saw the man I am in love with from afar , filled with bright feelings as I looked at him in passing, ( I don’t think I have ever wanted a man more, actually) with afar conversations on chit chat things and he hasn’t even seen me in a very long while or maybe doesn’t care to now with all he is involved with or,…really I should say, I don’t know if that is true, I guess at it, but truth is ….the actual truth is I sat and thought about it, and I gave in…one more time to my feelings and I didn’t even care if I was going to be damned for it and “slipped a note under the door”…telling him I was sorry for his hard day and how beautiful I thought he was. I didn’t know if I would ever even hear back from him, hell, it was all I could do to hope he read it and the words meant something to him and he had not just grown tired of all my antics to reach him. But I felt/feel vulnerable….showing my true feelings for someone who could possibly blow me away with the wind.. with unsaid words, which can be just as slighting…. The poem above harnesses that great fragile feeling inside.

The full moon is high…

Feel the kiss………

” a kiss makes the heart young again and wipes away the years ” ~ Rupert Brooke

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Drink of life

My power today and at each breaking dawn, lies in being open. I am always true to myself and forthright with others. I will only regret the chances I don’t take to seek or follow my hearts desire. I fail if I take no action. I will turn away from or make a clean sweep of that which does not honor or sustain my passion and love. In this, I do not stand alone. These lives are to live, not to shadow in the cave. We should be empowered to move forward and reach out. When the walls crumbled, that was when we truly lived. The firey blaze of victory was shared. Do not mock our hearts with speeches on the days. Breathe out with the wind that with which you want known. What fear is there in expression that cannot be doused once spoken?
So, I raise this chalice to you and myself in honor of that which is to come, TOMORROW!

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