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This is an excerpt from the 1962 film adapted play by Eugene O’Neil.
This powerful scene deals with the older brother’s confessions to the younger brother in a dysfunctional family.
The scene is filled with the raw emotion of someone who is bearing a heavy, guilted burden and is torn between love, hate, self-disgust and jealousy.
In life,  it seems that it is our emotions boiling to the brim that cause the overflow of confessions.
Everyone has something to confess, whether it be poured out in the dark,  in drunken stupors, a small, boxed room with a little window, or full out into the open. There are even confessions eye to eye between just two people or within yourself.
Whichever may be the case, eventually it will burst or it will tear at your core.
What are your thoughts on confession and the emotions that bring it about?

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