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Science vs. Jesus Freak updates


Mass animal deaths

For those with trouble reading the map, click this link to expand:

For those of you who did not have the chance to read my earlier blog this week on “Science vs.  the Jesus Freak” and debate the information given regarding the mystery of the recent mass bird/fish deaths, you might want to stop here and go back to check that out before continuing.

For those of you who did pop in and take a gander at information earlier, this new jut into your thinking may change your mind….OR add more “pudding” to your proof in verbal debate on the subject.

Thanks to a friend, there is new information for me to pick from in posting updates on the mass bird death mystery.

Take a look at the numbers on this map here.

And check for yourself the information on HAARP,…..or known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  I’ll mention here that it is beginning to look as if the mystery sways more towards it being a secret government experiment….jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Yes, people, our National Defense…. more stealth moves from UFO’s in our future? Who can say? Yet it seems that Jesus Freaks can take a break from the heaving paper bag in front of their faces. Breathe people. Breathe.

Tell the Pope to go back to bed. Dinner with God has been cancelled. False alarm? Are we sure?  How do we know the seals that were said to have possibly been broken weren’t just  “cheap knock off’s”  sold in the gallery of the local art hisrory museum……IN WASHINGTON…..???

The plot “sickens”…..

(Quoted from the actual HAARP site):

“A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.”


Any takers?

HAARP's opening web page


Science vs. the Jesus Freak

It has been recently posted in several news blogs, videos uploaded and newspapers have squawked about it,…
the mystery of the dead birds and fish.
Myself, I have read about four different articles on the subject just today.
So, what is the mystery all about?
Well, it seems that for no CLEAR apparent reason, birds are dropping out of the skies, simultaneously, from here all the way to Sweden and all within days of each other, all within the same week of the changing new year. Not just hundreds have fallen, but thousands.
Running along a similar time frame, there are reports that close to the same numbers of fishes are going belly up in rivers here in the U.S. and on the beaches of Auckland, New Zealand.

Of course wildlife preservationists and naturalists, along with scientists have been looking into the causes of these unnatural events. Many different scientific speculations have been made as well. Yet, nothing conclusive has been found and further testing of the carcasses is needing to be done to rule out parasitic influences and/or governmental and corporate tampering via testing/dumping.

As the geological pathologists take a closer look, others have begun making their own speculations as to what is the cause of this strange happening. Most of the speculation being done by members of the Christian religion.

Since the broadcast of the incidents, search engines have been blown up, hundreds of thousands of people curious to find how this relates to the signs of the end of times in relation to the bible’s book of Revelation, the seven seals, and the Mayan calendar. Some find correlation between the facts and others feel there is not enough evidence to prove that this can even be called a sign, saying the Jesus freaks are putting it out of proportion as they did with the Nostradamus’ theory that Y2K was the end of the world (they tried to mix theories of this French apothecary/reputed seer, with that of metaphoric signs to watch for declaring the end times).

So,…what is the information they are going on?

The Christians look at the breaking of the sixth and seventh seals.

The sixth seal deals with cosmic disturbances such as the sun turning black and the moon turning blood-red, the waters turning up dead fish.

July 11, 2010 was the last total solar eclipse another due in November of 2011.

There was a total eclipse of the moon just last week (yes, I was up watching) that caused the moon to seem to turn a blood-red. It was the first time that particular lunar eclipse had happened in over 300 some-odd years, but few argue the moon’s turning red to be the dark, red, winter harvest moon that can sometimes be seen low in the sky.

Their reasoning for listing the seventh seal? Silence in the heavens. Some look at most of what is mentioned in the bible as metaphor. This has led some to believe that there may be correlation in the first wave of global bird deaths….no winged creature flying about and the heavens becoming still and silent.

Well,..after touching the tip of the religious iceberg, where does science stand on all this?

There are other factors involved such as the weather in these locations, but the weather was not so much an issue in any of the mass deaths, mostly normal conditions for this season.

In some places, it was thought celebratory fireworks to be the cause, yet all the deaths could not be ruled conclusive by this.

In yet another area, it was speculated they had all flown into power-lines, breaking their heads and necks and falling to the ground, yet just as many were found without bodily damage.

Then, news of mass bird and fish deaths broke out halfway around the world in Sweden and New Zealand, just days after the occurrences here in the United States.

The U.S. Geological Services and the Feds are currently investigating this mystery to once and for all settle the matter.

Some testing on the dead animals may take longer than a couple of days.

In the meantime,….

while so many are reading up on the issue out of curiosity or religious fear, here are three articles I have looked at myself.

If anything, it is a somewhat interesting read if you find yourself bored with the dailies of work. Is it all just another crock of superstitious B.S., stupid human mishaps or is there something new and deadly scientifically affecting the natural selection of our environment?

Is God an Atheist?

Cartoon: an atheist arrives at the gates of heaven

Atheists do not find a belief in gods or any supreme being or creation of supremecy or even what is known as the Christian God. However, if you think on this, even to pay negative tribute to something, is to acknowledge its existence, therefore, there is at least some belief.

An agnostic insists that it is impossible to prove that there is or is not a God or gods.

A quote:

When I became convinced that the universe is natural, that all the ghosts and gods are myths, there entered into my brain, into my soul, into every drop of my blood the sense, the feeling, the joy of freedom. The walls of my prison crumbled and fell. The dungeon was flooded with light and all the bolts and bars and manacles became dust.
Robert Green Ingersoll, US Civil War veteran, political leader and orator, 1833 – 1899, in Why I Am An Agnostic (1896)

Others believe the only way to prove the fantastic existence of the universe and its functions in and around earth, is to say that there must be a supreme being/creator of such a grand design, executed with precision.

But has anyone ever asked what God would be ( if some are wrong and others right and there is a god) ?

If, in the  past, he has put all his faith in humanity for the war/game of good vs. evil and humanity is seriously flawed ( this we know and have proof of), then it makes sense that God would be an athiest, turning from his belief/his faith in us, his creation. What if WE were the religion of God?

But then you have to ask, why would a god need to put faith in his creation? What does he need us for if he is the Alpha and Omega and can make things with mere thought? Why keep us around? Is it merely to satisfy his reality show addiction, or is he more cruel and twisted than thought to be? Why create something with so many flaws and expect his creation to be perfect, then destroy it when it is not? What are we to believe, if anything?

What if the Greek’s and Roman’s early beliefs were true and there were many gods ruling over different and specific things of life here on earth? Either way, does that explain the reason of the existence of so many other galaxies and planets in the universe? Was Christ born to die on each planet that may have other life forms? Do other life forms need salvation? What kinds of rules and regulations would aliens write down in a book to rule alien kind? Would it parallel the bible?

Would Hollywood then re-write new episodes of Star Trek where Captain Kirk or Picard would deliver tracks on salvation into space, the final frontier?


In truth, there are so many different philosophies and non-philosophies on celestial beings that it is just as hard to prove as the existence of a god. There are so many who think that their opinion is truth. The same with religion. What if all of us were wrong and the aliens had the truth?

 Here is an excerpt from a web page I found that speaks on all belief or disbelief in a higher being:

“Do aliens know about the crucifixion?
The possible existence of intelligent species elsewhere in the universe raises important theological questions. Has God revealed himself to these alien beings? And if so, how did he do so?”
Jesus in space ( read more…)

If you chose to read the article link above, what do you think now? ( Continue to read below cartoon)

Cartoon: members of a religion touting for converts

Ever thought about religion and its hold on all mankind? Why do we feel the need for it to be so?

And if you don’t find that question amusing, will we ever acknowledge the presents science has given us? With the knowledge that peace should exist for us and doesn’t,maybe we could find the answer is really within ourselves and we should all regard every form of the universe as part of us, for we  all come from one atom.

 Does that prove God isn’t an athiest?

Does it prove that this is all a bunch of nonsense?

Science debate…(Warning: some graphic material)

There is a current scientist who is against Creationism and has posted several videos  which have warranted a response. This debate on Creationism vs. Science,  has continued on a grand scale for hundreds of years. I chose to post this video due to response it might return from fellow scientists and/or Creationists.
As forewarned, there are some graphic images, yet it only displays the actual debate currently on the table. As adults we should be able to respond in a dignified manor. That being said, I will post this video which is titled, “Can a scientific illiterate ‘debate’ science?

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Science or Politics?

Stem cell research has been a major concern with scientists as well as politicians. Scientists argue that Gene-based stem cell therapy specifically removes cell receptors that attract HIV, that it can be used to identically reproduce body parts for transplant patients and even heal the heart and clogged arteries due to cholesterol build up. Politicians deem this sort of research as unethical and have removed all federal funding for further studies. They have placed it on a private level where only the rich can afford to benefit from the advancements in this scientific field.
At the heart of the stem cell debate is a battle over abortion — but with a twist. Yes, stem cells are cells from living embryos. To the religious world, an embryo is life from the time that the sperm enters the egg. Pro-life advocates would not hesitate to compare this research to the Holocaust.
But ask yourself this, IF someone you loved were dying and the only way to save them would be throuh a procedure involvong stem cell research, would you allow for it to be done or would you watch your loved one suffer and die?