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Science or Politics?

Stem cell research has been a major concern with scientists as well as politicians. Scientists argue that Gene-based stem cell therapy specifically removes cell receptors that attract HIV, that it can be used to identically reproduce body parts for transplant patients and even heal the heart and clogged arteries due to cholesterol build up. Politicians deem this sort of research as unethical and have removed all federal funding for further studies. They have placed it on a private level where only the rich can afford to benefit from the advancements in this scientific field.
At the heart of the stem cell debate is a battle over abortion — but with a twist. Yes, stem cells are cells from living embryos. To the religious world, an embryo is life from the time that the sperm enters the egg. Pro-life advocates would not hesitate to compare this research to the Holocaust.
But ask yourself this, IF someone you loved were dying and the only way to save them would be throuh a procedure involvong stem cell research, would you allow for it to be done or would you watch your loved one suffer and die?