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happy new year – 明けましておめでとうございます (Akemashite omedetōgozaimasu)


(Hong Kong celebrating 2011)

Today, besides being the start of the New Year in the
US, is Japanese New Year? Also known as Gantan-sai, Shogatsu,
or Oshogatsu, this Shinto holiday celebrates the New Year with
prayers for renewal, good health, and prosperity. Happy New
Year, everyone! And don’t just watch the fireworks, get out there and live the fireworks!

You exist in someone’s heart.

You exist in someone’s life.

You are someone’s friend.

You are someone’s lover.

Give all.

Love too much.

Laugh out loud.

Remember we cry so we can appreciate the happy times.

Be that shoulder.


from the inside out.


~Open yourself to love, to share, and your heart and soul will grow with all the world you encounter, and the love you freely share will be returned to you 10 fold….(proverb)

~To find peace within whilst amongst the chaos is to harness life, not life you….(proverb)

“Itsumo egao de itsumo sunao ni”
Always smiling, always honest and gentle.
Love to you!



This is all I have to say to these two music videos. There really is not much more I can add.
You have an awesome movie and a kick ass rock band rolled into one.
Here are my two favorite video picks in regards to music to live by ( and when I say live, I don’t mean just wake up and go through your everyday kind of day,…I mean LIVE! )

Makes you want to grab your guy ( or girl) and slam the pedal to the metal!

In the words of Lady Gaga, “Cause I’m a freak —–, baby”… Well, aren’t we all a bit of a freak,…sometimes? Even if we may not always show it on the outside, hmm?

Come on,..admit it.

VIDEO #1: Music and trailer

NEXT,… another great song and trailer…is this overdoing it?
I don’t think so.
Let’s see,…sexy stars, wicked stunts and rocking music? Nah,…I don’t think so.
Don’t just live your life…LIVE your life! See ya on the other side!


I recently forgot to do something that was important (well to me). After thinking and addressing the facts, I felt that we all forget to do things, even important things. It is a quirk of human nature.
However, today there is one thing we should all try to remember.
On April30, 1975, Saigon was captured and renamed Ho Chi Minh City. The last American civilians were airlifted out of Saigon on this date. This marked the final and complete end of the Vietnam War.
The end of war is always a good thing to remember.

 Here are a few images to remind us of that.

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Weirdly true or just weird?

Scientists have been trying to prove the fact of life on other planets for decades. We have so many science fiction films on aliens that it has grown to an occult factor.
So, this question is posed. What of life on other planets or in other galaxies? Do you believe that we are the only intelligent lives in all the universe? And more, do you think that if we are, were we always?  Does evidence of amino acids on other planets and water on the Moon say anything for the possibilities that life existed before us?
Take a look at this excerpt from a science journal and after watch the trailer of the factually based/live footage movie, The Fourth Kind.

Science 19 March 2010:
Vol. 327. no. 5972, p. 1448
DOI: 10.1126/science.327.5972.1448-a

News Focus
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference:
Lucky Glimpses of a Weirdly Wetter Moon
Richard A. Kerr
Planetary scientists recently flew a ground-penetrating radar on India’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter. At the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, they reported a distinctive radar signature from the interiors but not the surroundings of more than 40 small craters in the north polar region. Almost all of the craters are permanently shadowed. That combination, they argued, suggests ice, perhaps as much as 80% or 90% pure. But the Chandrayaan-1 radar is not confirming long-suspect reports of radar detection of massive ice in the south, so most researchers are reserving judgment.

Is it all just a hoax or could it truly be a reality?

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